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Re: mtab SNAFU

> > Interesting. I see the logic by looking at /dev/disk/by-id, and it
> > looks simple. But I am a bit nervous about experimenting. Can you
> > refer me to a HOWTO, or do I have to play around to see if I can get
> > it to work? It seems this use of by-id is actually part of udev.
> It's quite simple:
> - check the content of /dev/disk/by-id
> - plug your thumb-drive
> - check the new entries in  /dev/disk/by-id
> - add this kind of line to your fstab:
>   /dev/disk/by-id/<new_entry> <usb_mount_point> auto rw,noatime,user 0 0 

Aha! Simple as that. Thanks.


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