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[solved] ATI 7.11 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver?

Jonathan Kaye wrote:

> Hi all,
> ATI just released a new driver, the ATI Catalyst™ 7.11 Proprietary Linux
> x86 Display Driver. Does anyone understand their numbering system? The
> previous driver, released in October 2007 was 8.42.3. Is ATI going
> backwards? Is 7.11 really the LATEST driver?
> TIA,
> Jonathan
To answer my own question, when I started to build the debs from the
installer, the version came out as 8.433-1. To be consistent, ATI should
have called it 8.43.3-1 but at least not it appears to be a later version
than 8.42.3-1.
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