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Re: command line wordperfect

On 11/24/2007 12:40 AM, Mark Grieveson wrote:

> Ah, good ol' WP5.0, and then the great WP5.1.  Mmmmm, it was so fast,
> and could do spell check, underline, bold (5.1 even had italics),
> and vast mail merges!  It just automatically returned, without having
> to manually initiate the carriage return at the sound of the bell.  It
> was a typewriter with intelligence.  Truly phenomenal. 
> Shift-F7 to centre, F7 to exit, F4 to indent, F10 to list files.  WP
> came with its own file manager.  And menu for the DOS system.  And it
> had all the drivers to all the printers.  Happy times....  happy
> times.....  my sturdy old 286, back when computers were made of metal,
> and not plastic..... yup, happy times....

Happy times??!!  Nah...  Mark, you forget about no wysiwyg.

I still have my old metal 286 (AT&T) with dos 6.whatever, but the kids
probably deleted wp 5.1 long ago.  Oh, wait... I have the box of 5 1/4
in. floppy install diskettes, what luck! :-P

(with Etch on this trusty 1999 Dell P-III, also metal case.  Ah...
/these/ are happy times!)

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