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Re: 3-D graphing software for Linux?

On 23/11/2007, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
> >>> But can Kalgebra also draw natal/progressed astrology charts?
> >>
> >> Sarcasm/humor?
> >>
> > Neither. The 3D graph in the URL image is from graphing software that I
> > ported to Linux. But the reason I did the work is because I could draw
> > astrology charts with it: rotate fonts and design the astrology fonts.
> > So I can display 3D graphs and also astrology charts, both natal and
> > progressed.
> Astrology as in "big balls of fusing hydrogen that are uncountable
> trillions of kilometers away have an affect on my daily life"?
> *That* astrology?

Let's not go in that direction. Some people watch the stars. Others
pray to aether. Others to pray to objects and still others pray to
people. Others believe in chance, and some pray to that as well. You
wouldn't believe the crazy shit I believe in. Discuss it off-list
(with myself, Hugo, or whoever) but please lets not ruin the list.

Dotan Cohen


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