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Re: Laptop Firewalling

> I use firestarter as well on my etch laptop. One problem I have is that
> I have to manually reconfigure firestarter to switch from cable (eth0)
> to wireless (eth2). How did you solve this problem?
> If you just configure it once, say for eth0, it will simply ignore all
> the traffic on eth2 (IIUC), if you happen to later use eth2 without
> reconfiguration of firestarter. I guess one could write a script to
> automate this, but you should be aware of the problem.
> Johannes

Really? I actually never thought of that. Because right now I am only using a wireless connection. Now that you have mentioned it, I have never ever used a wired connection with this laptop. I was unaware of this issue. I guess I will have to look at it in more detail.

Thanks for mentioning this.


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