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Re: no x version

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 08:40:12PM -0800, joseph lockhart wrote:
> i am wondering if anyone has found or created a
> terminal only version of debian (similar to the slax
> frodo) or if such a thing could be installed from the
> net install. let's just say that it is for special
> purposes though i would like to have things like lynx,
> finch, ircii, mpc, and so forth

I do it whenever I install.  You can either use the netinst.iso or CD1.
CD1 only saves you bandwidth if you're using someone else's bandwidth to
download it to burn it.  Since you're not using X, you'll find that most
packages you'll want aren't that big anyway (the exception I suppose
would be texlive if you want it).

So use the netinst and when you get to the task selector (a tool that
allows you to install broad strokes of packages), don't select any, not
even "standard system" or whatever its called.  With no tasks selected
you get a very minimal base system.

After you reboot and get a prompt, use aptitude and install what you
want:  exim4 and mutt for mail, lynx and perhaps links2 (does
javascript), and of course mc (midnight commander).  Finish off with
your editor-of-choice (I use vim).

If you specifically don't want any X, I suggest strongly that you use
aptitude interactively so that you can go back and forth if you choose
something that wants to drag in X.  


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