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Re: So, what can Privoxy do for me?

On Nov 19, 2007, at 12:55 PM, andy wrote:

Actually I don't know, never having used it. But I am considering it, but need to figure out the following first.

My user machine is one of a small LAN behind a hardware dedicated firewall running a DSL modem. If I were to install Privoxy on my user machine inside the firewall, what would be the effect of doing so with respect to (a) its trimming/junk busting functions? and (b) its masking capabilities. I suspect that (a) would work just fine, but am unsure about (b).

Any thoughts on this?

Privoxy will work fine behind NAT. It's working at the HTTP level; it doesn't care about lower-level network stuff. It will block tracking cookies and the like, but it won't do anything to hide your IP address.

If you want to hide your IP, you should look into something like Tor. It also works fine behind NAT as a client.

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