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Re: cannot access modem's config page

the netmask block u  access.
try a netmask or set a temp static ip such as 192.168.2.x
then u can do it.

> Hello,
> I have an adsl modem connected to a linux box which acts as a router.
> The router machine has three interfaces:
> eth1:, connected to the modem
> eth0:, the wired LAN ( using a switch
> ath0:, the wireless lan (
> The modem's LAN ip address is The modem is working in
> bridge mode and when a connection is established, ppp0 is formed on the
> router machine.
> The iptables script that I have on the router machine does the
> forwarding and nat. All works okay between the wired and wireless LAN
> and the internet and also within the wired and wireless LAN.
> The problem is that I can access the modem's web interface (on
> only from the router machine and not from any other LAN
> machine. Could somebody tell me what are the iptables rules needed to
> make this happen?
> This is on Debian Testing, running 2.6.18.
> Thanks,
> ->HS

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