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Re: Network management, both ethernet and wireless

> On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 03:08:01AM -0800, ispmarin wrote:

> > I´ve just installed debian lenny (amd64) on my macbook, and since this
> > is my first time as a notebook user, I would like to hear your ways to
> > control connectivity. I have two different ethernet connections, home
> > and work, each with different IPs. I also have a wireless connection
> > at work, and would like also to connect to different wireless
> > connections (airports, etc). At work, if the ethernet connection is
> > plugged, wireless should be disabled; if it´s not, wireless should be
> > used. At home, the same. If ethernet is not connected, and I am not at
> > home or work, I should be able to search for other (encrypted or not)
> > wireless connections.

Try installing Network Manager (apt-get install network-manager).  It will
do everything you ask right out of the box.

It will probably fire up automatically if you're running a gnome desktop.
Otherwise you can manually run 'nm-applet' when you login.  You should see
a new icon in your window manager's system tray.  Hopefully you only need
to do that the first time, then your session manager will restart it on
subsequent logins.

Network Manager is a little too 'black-magic' for my taste, but it actually
works really well.

On my etch system I also had to do the following (YMMV):
  - comment out all interfaces in /etc/networks/interfaces except for 'lo'
  - add relevant users to the 'netdev' group

As an aside, anyone know how to disable the Windows'ish balloon pop-up when
you connect/disconnect from a network?  I hate that thing.

-- Brad

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