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Re: Yes I am having a problem

Larry Kilmer wrote:
If I try to install from the cds from the book the installer hangs in the hardware search (I assume it gets to a point where it has run out of the hardware it knows about and gives up without providing any other options). When I run the installer that I downloaded from Debian it will complete an installation and a version of Linux seems to run. Two

Which version of debian did you try? Your earlier post mentions 3.1 which is pretty old and might not work on more recent hardware.

problems occur. First, I was trying to have a dual boot system with W2K and Linux. When I install Linux it wipes out the W2K partition, I can

During the partitioning stage, the installer will give you the option of using the entire disk, using available free space or manually partition.

live with that since I dedicated this computer to Linux(btw, it has a 40m hard drive which I have partitioned to two equal areas of roughly 20M each, one for windows and one for Linux.). Second, when I get Linux

I think you mean 40G and 20G.

installed, it will boot but the visual interface that comes up seems to not understand the video hardware. This is strange and explanation is difficult, but I will try. Instead of having one copy of the login page, it has three horizontally with each occupying about 1/3 of the display. I can with a little effort (by selecting one of the areas) log in and get 3 copies of the user interface. Here I quit.

It appears to be a problem with video detection. If you are able to get to the console, (try pressing Control+Alt+F1) then you can use "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to configure your xserver.

Also, you might want to try booting a live cd first, ubuntu or knoppix for example, as they might provide better hardware detection, so you may get some information on what drivers to use for your video card.

PS: When replying, please use reply-to-all, so that your mail reaches a wider audience and you are more likely to get a solution.

Raj Kiran Grandhi

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