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Re: .deb ?

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 06:31:17PM -0800, jekillen wrote:
> Hello;
> I just downloaded the file
> debian-reference-en_1.11_all.deb
> from the Debian site. What is this;
> a zipped archive file?

no, its a .deb, or debian package file. I think it is a kind of zip
 archive, though I've never bothered to check. 

> It is supposed
> to be english html version of Debian reference.
> If it is a tarball, should I rename it so tar can
> extract it?

don't rename it, just 

dpkg -i debian-reference-en_1.11_all.deb

or do 

apt-get install debian-reference-en to have apt install it for you
(you can rm the .deb).


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