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Installing a promise ata 66 pci ide card

Hi all and thanks in advance,

I have reached a storage conundrum, i have a dual p3 server 1gbit ram running off a 9 gig scsi as well as 4 ide hdd's totalling 1.5Terabytes. The problem is: I cannot afford scsi drives and i have used up all 4 ide slots. I am trying to plan for expansion, I happen to have a promise ultra ata 66 pci card with two ide slots. My question being what is necessary to install this promise card? I tried googling but there was nothing but "debian not recognizing hard disks, using promise card" etc, nothing about installing the card on a boxen that already has debian on it.

As a side note, if anyone has any other suggestions for expansion, feel free to field them, as I am not set in my ways ;)

Thanks, Sam

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