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Re: fglrx upgrade to 8.42.3

2007/11/1, Jonathan Kaye <jdkaye10@yahoo.es>:
> 1. What's your card - I'm running ATI Radeon 9550

It's a Radeon 9600 Pro.

> 2. Where did you get the package? Did you get it from ATI and build the debs
> yourself or what?

I installed the binary debs and I compiled the kernel module with m-a.

> I'm downloading the ATI driver now (from the ATI site) and I'll report back
> if it installed ok or if I had problems too (version 41 didn't work too
> well - I couldn't run googleearth with it so I'm still using version
> 8.39.4)

Let me know... I wanted to try that yesterday but I was too tired. If
it works, I might give it a shot tonight.


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