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Re: Debian server software setup question

David Labens:
> I'm interested in the Debian Linux software for use in
> building a home file server.  I'll need it to provide
> print server function 


> as well as file backup

Several options, depending on your needs.

> and UPS shutdown support.

Depends on UPS in use. Many are supported, as far as I know.

> Also, I want clients on my Win'XP
> Professional desktops so that they can login to the
> server.

TightVNC or some other VNC server.

> Separate and common file storage space is
> needed, based upon user.

Samba. This can also export your CUPS printers to Windows systems and
provide them with the necessary driver.

> I'm going to run it on a P3-800 with 640 MB ram.

Might be a little slow if you have several users connected at once.

> Does Debian have all that I need?

Yes. As does every other linux distribution. ;-)

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