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Re: fetchmail authorization failure

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 10:22:33PM -0400, Haines Brown wrote:
> I replaced the stock nv driver under Etch with the nVidia proprietary
> driver, and logged out and back in. When I did so, fetchmail was no
> longer able to get authorization from my mail server. I should note
> that it has been months since I've logged out, and the graphics driver
> change is probably irrelevant.

probably so.

> Gnus and web browsing work OK. 
> Fetchmail reports the error:
>   fetchmail: Authorization failure on 
> 	brownh@hartford-hwp.com@pop.registeredsite.com
>   fetchmail: Query status=3 (AUTHFAIL)
> It looks to me like fetchmail is sending a garbled address to the mail
> server.  However, the ~/.fetchmailrc file is unchanged: 
>         poll pop.registeredsite.com
>         user "brownh@hartford-hwp.com"

it doesn't look garbled to me, but run fetchmail as

fetchmail -cv

to get a nice verbose console output about what it's doing with out
actually fetching the mail.

> At the time the system ceased working, there was a burst of unusual
> reports in my messages log. 
>   Oct 25 15:35:42 teufel gconfd (brownh-8670): Failed to send buffer

.. snipped gconf errors...

surely not related. provided you've got a normal network running,
fetchmail should work. It doesn't give a rat's ass about gconf.


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