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Re: 1GB RAM is missing.

On October 23, 2007 05:32:55 pm Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 10/23/07 14:16, Stephen Cormier wrote:
> [snip]
> > You are going to have to accept that you are never going to get all 4gb
> > running a 32bit install due to the limitations of using 32bit where
> > things
> At the pid level, or at the OS level?

I take it by pid you mean a process if so then it is my understanding IIRC 
that on a 32bit install you are limited to 2gb maximum of memory that can be 
used by a single process. The limitations I talk about here are BIOS/arch 
limited where a certain amount of memory is reserved for things like your 
video card, interrupts ... this has to be mapped below 4gb so a hole in the 
memory has to be there for it to be used, like back in the DOS days where you 
had the 15mb-16mb memory hole option in the BIOS. I believe that was just 
video related though if my memory serves me but the principle is the same the 
space needs to be reserved on 32bit thus lowers the total ram available on 
64bit it is not needed to be reserved so you get all the memory.

> > need to be reserved in the 4gb which is not the case using 64bit where
> > you see the whole 4gb in use. I know with my machine if I boot a Knoppix
> > Live CD (32bit) I only see around 3.3gb useable if I use my normal Debian
> > install (64bit) I get the whole 4gb like below.
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