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Re: how to match parenthesis in sed

On Wed, 2007.10.17 15:33, Mathias Brodala wrote:
> H.S., 17.10.2007 06:44:
> > I am renaming files by removing parentheses from them. These are image
> > files which were sorted in Windows (by placing them in the desired order
> > and then by renaming them in batch mode in Windows explorer -- couldn't
> > do this in Linux).
> Hint: use Thunar. It has a nifty bulk renamer included with a lot more features
> than the Windows Explorer could ever offer. One of them is the live preview so
> that you can make sure the result is as you expected it.

Or gprename, or krename
And others that don't seem to have a GUI: mrename, renameutils

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