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Re: iptables --list is very slow

On Monday 15 October 2007 16:17, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> I just tried using iptables --list on one of my servers and it took about 4
> minutes for it to list all the rules, pausing several seconds between each
> batch of lines. There are a lot of rules, but if all those lines were in a
> text file it would only take a fraction of a second to cat them. So the
> slowness is not from printing a lot of lines to the console.
> Is this normal behaviour? Is there a way to make it print faster?
> The actual rules were generated by firehol. Using Debian Etch netinstall -
> nothing abnormal.

See if "iptables --list -n" is fast.  If so, it's the reverse DNS lookups
that are slowing down "iptables --list", so you'll need to check DNS settings.

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