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Re: migration and installation 50 THOUSAND machines

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 05:31:38PM -0700, andremachado wrote:
> Hello, Sergio
> Unfortunately, I can not talk about it.

are you working for no such ageny?

> It is a long term (a decade) *concept*, and I need url as resources for the study start.
> Please, read the previously cited urls and look for errors or omissions.
> Do you have urls to suggest?
> How about openldap, Zabbix, Gosa2, ZenOss, etc, in such big Debian deployments?
> The similar sized one I can remember is Munich, Germany [0], [1].

Ah I know, you are the owner of the Stormworm botnet and are going
to remotely turn them all into debian boxes!!! Incredible! 

(note tongue firmly implanted in cheek)


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