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SATA-REV-CD-Intel Installation

Hi All,

I am hoping someone can point out the details to pay attention to when trying to create the following configuration:

New Pentium System/1GB RAM/Onboard NIC/SATA/IDE/Video/USB/Serial
2 80GB SATA drives
1 35/90GB Iomega ATAPI REV drive
1 IDE CD drive

I want to end up with:
SATA0 = /dev/sda
SATA1 = /dev/sdb
CD = /dev/hda
REV = /dev/hdb

I am probably encountering multiple issues since I am trying to utilize and Intel MB...
I have tried boot: install pci=nommconf noapic nolapic to no avail...
During install/boot it appears the the CD gets "lost"...
It seems to be that the SATA and IDE devices are all trying to grab onto hd[ab]...

I've tried a bunch of different BIOS settings for the IDE and SATA subsystems...
(I think I've tried every combination...)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,
Larry Irwin
CCA Medical
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