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What happened to the mozilla-venkman package in debian etch

When I was using the sarge flavor of debian, I could put a
URL (generally of a phishing site) into Venkman and it
would display a numbered list of the steps in the source
file for the page.  I could "x" out of the first source list
and enter another URL, etc. for page after page after page.

Then I "upgraded" to etch.

Now I get one loading of Venkman & can look at one webpage.
When I "x" out, Venkman is gone until I reboot the PC.  There
are no bug reports ... not even archived bug reports ... on
the mozilla-venkman developer's page.

Has Venkman been abandoned ... and is there an alternative ?

Currently, I see no way to capture the sourcecode of a webpage
that redirects to another location - it's gone past the first
page before I can hit the stop button.

George Langford

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