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Re: i am looking to turn on some security monitoring on debian..can anyone help!

On 10/3/07, Daniel Mahoney <dan@catfolks.net> wrote:
How about snort, or zabbix, or zenoss?

Michael Habashy wrote:
> I am looking to turn on some security monitoring in debian.
> Something to alert  me that the someone is trying a ton of different
> passwords.
> Or too many tcpip requests.  Our too much disk activity. Or if my
> apache webserver is being hit alot -like a denial of service attack.
> Can anyone direct me to such a package??
> thanks
> mjh

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are they difficult to configure ????
if i wanted to create an account that runs a special process like asterisk or mldonkey.
What is the best way of doing this? what is the user accounts attributes?


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