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Re: HELP! can't become root

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 12:12:52PM -0700, tom arnall wrote:
> I got impatient with an aumix error and did 'chmod -R /dev' (and ctl-C'ed out 
> of it after ~3 min's.) now I can't become root. Some examples:

wow, that's ugly. And since it went for ~3mins that's a lot of
chown'ed files. I agree with others, just easier to reinstall or
restore from backup. If you want to fix it as an exercise, try booting
into /bin/bash (add init=/bin/bash to your kernel boot line), and see
what you can fix. It may be possible, I suppose, that you could fix up
the perms/ownership on the right handful of things to allow you to
become root and then you could  chroot into the system and essentially
reinstall everything through apt. 

good luck


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