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network traffic and cpu usage

I'm trying to figure out why moving large files over nfs generates so much cpu 
activity every few seconds. The progress dialog reaches speeds my nic can't 
possibly support (over 20 MB/s) as my nic's are 100 Mbit, then dropping back 
to zero and a few seconds later climbing up to the same insane speed and back 
down again...

I'd rather see my cpu usage at 10 - 20 % during the entire copy/move and the 
progress dialog at 9-10 MB/s as I was used to on redhat9. 

I suspect it is some sort of cache that is filled every few seconds, but I 
can't find where exactly. Maybe at kernel level? KDE? Nic-configuration? I 
don't know, it doesn't look like it's related to nfs-configuration like the 
mount options rsize and wsize, as these settings don't seem to make a 


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