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Re: FLOSS support for signed PDFs

On Tue, 02 Oct 2007 05:36:58 +0530
Raj Kiran Grandhi <grajkiran@gmail.com> wrote:

> > I wrote:
> >> How are they doing this detection [of Acroread]?
> > 
> > Celejar writes:
> >> I don't know.
> I suspect they rely on internet explorer being the browser, install some 
> sort of activex control and retrieve whatever information they can about 
> the users' computer. (This can potentially include sensitive information)
> If it is not a requirement for you to deal with this particular 
> financial institution, I recommend switching to someone else having 
> better standards support (and inform the original institution about it 
> and your reasons for the change).
> Otherwise, try the version of adobe reader that is available for linux, 
> though I guess they won't be able to detect that it is installed if you 
> access their site using linux. If this check for 'reader' is a one time 
> process, you can probably try connecting to their site from a trusted 
> windows machine with adobe reader installed, get through with the 
> verification step and then continue your transactions from your normal 
> machine.

The detection was apparently through the browser, as per my other posts
in this thread.  Installing the linux Reader made them happy.

> HTH,
> rajkiran

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