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cupsdDoSelect() failed - Function not implemented! in unstable cupsys 1.3.2-1 source package


I have a problem installing the unstable cupsys 1.3.2-1 source package on my Debian etch system.

I have installed the package using:
apt-get -b source -t unstable cupsys
dpkg -i cupsys_1.3.2-1_i386.deb cupsys-bsd_1.3.2-1_i386.deb cupsys-client_1.3.2-1_i386.deb ...

I have the following cups packages installed:
neoiss:~/src# dpkg --list | grep cups
ii  cupsys                           1.3.2-1
ii  cupsys-bsd                       1.3.2-1
ii  cupsys-client                    1.3.2-1
ii  cupsys-common                    1.3.2-1
ii  cupsys-dbg                       1.3.2-1
ii  libcupsimage2                    1.3.2-1
ii  libcupsimage2-dev                1.3.2-1
ii  libcupsys2                       1.3.2-1
ii  libcupsys2-dev                   1.3.2-1

When I try to start cups with /etc/init.d/cupsys start, I get the following error in /var/log/cups/error_log:

Notice the "cupsdDoSelect() failed - Function not implemented!"

I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listening to (IPv4)
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listening to /var/run/cups/cups.sock (Domain) I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loaded configuration file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf" I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Using default TempDir of /var/spool/cups/tmp...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Using policy "default" as the default!
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Full reload is required.
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loaded MIME database from '/usr/share/cups/mime:/etc/cups': 36 types, 40 filters...
D [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loading printer hp8150...
D [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loading printer SharpMX2300N...
D [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loading printer SharpMX2300N-bw...
D [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] cupsdLoadRemoteCache: Not loading remote cache. I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Loading job cache file "/var/cache/cups/job.cache"...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Full reload complete.
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Cleaning out old temporary files in "/var/spool/cups/tmp"...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listening to on fd 2...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listening to /var/run/cups/cups.sock on fd 3...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Resuming new connection processing...
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] cupsdDoSelect() failed - Function not implemented!
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listeners[0] = 2
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Listeners[1] = 3
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] BrowseSocket = -1
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] CGIPipes[0] = 4
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] printer[hp8150] 0
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] printer[SharpMX2300N] 0
X [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] printer[SharpMX2300N-bw] 0
E [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Scheduler shutting down due to program error.
D [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Saving remote.cache...
I [29/Sep/2007:15:08:43 +0200] Saving job cache file "/var/cache/cups/job.cache"...

The stable binary package works just fine. What can cause the "Function not implemented!" error? Have I not installed cupsys properly? Am I missing a dependency?

Best regards,

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