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Re: Splitting out apache2 virtual host bandwidth usage

On 10/01/2007 04:17 PM, Chris Searle wrote:
> I know I can see on the awstats graph for each host the usage there. But
> - is there a simple way to either get ntop to separate by virtual hosts
> (not sure if this kind of customization is available) or - some other
> way to collect this information on a graph showing http bandwidth by
> virtual host? Note - all are on the same IP (NameVirtualHost config in
> apache).

The only way that I know of to separate out vhost traffic on the same IP
is to grok apache logs - this is exactly what awstats is doing for you.
 The only alternatives I can think of are looking at different web stats
packages (they all process log files), or script out bandwidth usage
from the various vhost logs or out of awstats to report the bandwidth
data in the manner you want to see.

Kind Regards,
Michael Shuler

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