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Re: how can i run a BTS (like debian)

Jabka Atu wrote:
>    im helping to the local student body web site (http://www.asce.co.il) and
>    i would like to use some BTS for it.
>    at first i thought that i could create a dummy package and use Debian BTS
>    for it .
>    but then i realized that this is not polite with out asking permition.
>    can i do such a thing ?

Tha would be likely to been seen as ause of the Debian BTS.

>    also how can i run my own BTS (that would work like the debian one).

Well, the source to (a perhaps not 100% current) version of the Debian
BTS is available in Debian as the debbugs package.

Or you could use any of the many other BTS tools available in Debian and

see shy jo

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