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Re: resize the partition with /

On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 09:11:50PM -0400, Manu Hack wrote:
> That's what I'm doing.  But is it possible to increase the size for
> apt-get upgrade and apt-get install?  Right now I can use that 5G for
> personal use but for the main thing like in /usr what's the best way
> to make use of that 5G?
> Any good website showing how to do add space at multiple points in the
> file system?

Put a filesystem on it (e.g. ext3), mount it under /mnt, cp -a or rsync
(or even use mc) everything under /usr, then unmount it from /mnt and
mount it as /usr.  If it works, unmount it, change /etc/fstab, remove
everything under /usr and reboot.

Your main partition filesystem will now have additional free space
equivalanet to the size of /usr.

As for detailed instructions, its in one of the HOWTOs available as
something like doc-linux-howto; I think multi-disk HOWTO.


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