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xorg/etch - reload ZAxisMapping on the fly?

My xorg installation has developed an infuriating habit of freaking out
its ZAxisMapping after it's been running for a day or two. It doesn't
lose the mapping entirely, but just reassigns it. The result is that
my vertical scroll wheel becomes a horizontal scroll wheel, and my
horizontal scroll wheel becomes a double-speed horizontal scroll wheel.

It's an absolute pain in the arse because it seems the only way to
get it working again is to restart the X server, which of course means
I lose all my state in the open applications.

However the fact that the X server manages to screw itself up on the
fly without restarting itself does tend to suggest that there might
be a way to make it unscrew itself without restarting, if only I
knew what it was.

Trying to change the mouse behaviour with kcontrol or
gnome-control-center doesn't do anything (and in any case neither
of those appears to know about mice with more than one scroll wheel

Anyone any ideas?


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