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Re: SELinux Suggestion

On 09/20/2007 10:39 PM, Mike McCarty wrote:
May I suggest to the Debian developers that, should they
contemplate including SELinux into Debian, they not follow
Red Hat's decision to make it a fixed part of the distro,
which can be disabled, but rather continue to provide a
version of the distro which just does not have SELinux
in it at all? If the Debian Devel Team decides to incorporate
SELinux, then I recommend that the distro be split into
a SELinux and a non-SELinux version. Merely turning SELinux
off is (IMO, after seeing the mess over at Fedora the last
few years) not enough.


I concur. From what I've read, selinux seems complicated and Linux-contorting enough to be placed at Debian's periphery--if not outside of the perimeter altogether.

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