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Re: Up-to-date Gnome versions?

El jue, 20-09-2007 a las 10:42 -0700, Amit Uttamchandani escribió:
> > If you want more up-to-date apps you'd rather use Lenny, which is the
> > actual testing distribution. It has the advantage of being up-to-date
> > while keeping a good level of stability. It's meant for final users
> > (unlike stable, which is meant for servers)
> The testing is meant for final users? I mean I am using etch on a laptop 
> but of course would like some of the latest versions of some programs without 
> having to compile them from source. So lenny is quite stable then for end 
> desktop users?
Yes it is.

Of course it's not meant for final users in the same sense as ubuntu is,
you may get some dependency problems from time to time, but nothing hard
to solve with a few 'apt-get install ...' (don't use aptitude on a
non-stable distro!)

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