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How to bind keys to commands, through X11 or GDM

I want to bind some keys to commands, for listening to music. I use MPD as
music server, and Sonata as music client. How can I get the key-bindings to
work through the screen-saver? I am using Debian 4.0, with Xorg, GDM,
XScreenSaver, and Sawfish.

I made "/etc/X11/Xmodmap" with contents:

    keycode 151 = XF86AudioPlay
    keycode 159 = XF86AudioStop
    keycode 178 = XF86AudioPrev
    keycode 236 = XF86AudioNext

and "HOME/.xbindkeysrc" with contents:

    "mpc toggle"

    "mpc stop"

    "mpc prev"

    "mpc next"

This works, but not when the screen is locked. How can I get this setup to work
through the screen-saver? Thanks!

Masatran, R. Deepak <http://research.iiit.ac.in/~masatran/>

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