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Re: clamav: uptodate or not?

On 09/06/2007 02:19 PM, Rody wrote:
How can i tell if clamav is up to date? If i run freshclam as root it tells me that main.inc is up to date, but as all mirrors refuse to connect, i can't say if daily.inc and any other file are ever updated. (too often connections with outdated version)

When i run the gui antivirus scanner (1.1.2) that uses clamav, it tells me the virus database is 3 months old. Trying to update from that program is useless however, as freshclam needs to be setuid clamav. I did that once, but when it was updated to a new version, it removed that setuid part. So i left it as it was probably not ment to be set setuid?

The problem comes down to the makers of clamav dictating that everyone should use their latest version.

I agree this is annoying.

I also understand why debian wouldn't want to put this latest version in etch's repo just yet. I'm curious as to what is the recommended way to handle this: stick with the debian releases or install clamav by hand each time they come up with yet another new version...


I recommend installing from http://www.backports.org/

Then configure sudo to allow your normal user account to start freshclam.

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