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Re: inserting line breals

Michael Marsh wrote:
On 9/5/07, Nathan <debian@ucwv.edu> wrote:
I've found a perl script on the 'Net that does a very good job of
recursively searching a directory of sub-directories and files.  I pipe
the output to the 'mail' program and email it to myself.  However it
would help the readability of the text if I could add an extra line
break (carriage return) to each existing line break.  Effectively I
would to double-space it.

I am not a perl guru in any shape or form.  Can anyone offer suggestions
on the best way to go about this?  Thanks.

The following one-liner should do it (it works for me):

perl -pe '$_ .= "\n"' <filename>

You could also do the following:

perl -pi.bak -e '$_ .= "\n"' <filename>

<filename> will now contain the double-spaced text, and <filename>.bak
will contain the original file.

Here's how it works:
"-p" uses an implicit
   # foo
   print $_;
with "# foo" replaced by your provided script.  "-e" specifies that
the next string is the script to run.  "-i.bak" says to do in-line
replacement, moving the original to a file with ".bak" as the
extension.  You could use any extension you like here.

Since $_ will be printed automatically, we append (".=") a newline to it.

That seems to do the trick, however I'm finding that it isn't matching when I do a case insensitive search for something that isn't a complete word. For example a user name of " nathan " or " Nathan " works. But DOMAIN\Nathan gets skipped.

How can I fix that?  Thanks for all of the help!


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