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Re: crontab -e

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Maarten Verwijs wrote:

On Mon, Sep 03, 2007 at 05:38:03PM -0700, Raquel wrote:
On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 02:24:16 +0200
Mathias Brodala <info@noctus.net> wrote:
Hmmm, I thought it was configured using the update-alternatives
system.  However, when I run (as root):
  #update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim
I get an error:
  #update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative `/usr/bin/vim'.

This just means that vim isn't installed. Run 'apt-get install vim' and
it should work.

I'm guessing that /usr/bin/vim is really a symlink to the vim in /etc/alternatives/vim. running update-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim.tiny or which ever vim you have installed would work. Although, its probably just easier to just run update-alternatives --config editor and select which one you want.


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