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Tomcat5, postgres.jar agh

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to access psql from Tomcat5.  I got the correct driver
because my command-lind test program  works fine.  So I copied the
driver into /usr/share/tomcat5/common/lib, like the documentation
says.  Then I kept getting

Error occurred: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Something unusual
has occured to cause the driver to fail. Please report this exception.

I  was told I had a security problem so  I added a file called
chapter1.policy to  /etc/policy.d:
// These permissions apply to the chapter1 web application
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/chapter1/WEB-INF/
classes/-" {
  permission java.security.AllPermission;

grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/chapter1/WEB-INF/
lib/-" {
  permission java.security.AllPermission;
// The permission granted to your JDBC driver
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/common/lib/postgresql-
jdbc3-8.1.jar" {
      permission java.net.SocketPermission "localhost:5432",

I still get the same PSQLException
Could anyone send me an example of a security policy that works?  I
don't understand because 03Catalina.policy contains:

// These permissions apply to the servlet API classes
// and those that are shared across all class loaders
// located in the "common" directory
grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/common/-" {
  permission java.security.AllPermission;


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