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Re: Thinking about devoting a serious part of my life to linux...

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On 09/04/07 13:36, blues wrote:
> I appreciate all of the advice...It was way more than I ever expected,
> but then again, that is what makes the linux community so unique.  As
> for my questioning of MS, they do suck...

Blatant disregard of reality is a bright, shiny shibboleth that you
are a student.  Definitely sophomore.

>                                          and I am an English minor, so
> don't worry 'bout me and communicating in the business world....I try
> to make my posts informal and easy to read....ty again for all the
> input...this is certainly the type of pointers I was looking for....

We're not your MySpace IM blow-buddies.

Proper usage of grammar in your native language is a sign of
intelligence.  We value intelligence.

Hard to read "informality" pegs you as not-so-bright.

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day.
Hit him with a fish, and he goes away for good!

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