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Re: Grub issues on Mac Mini?


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Charles Turner wrote:
Hi all-

I have a new Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, and have been trying to install Debian Lenny on an external FireWire disk via the i386 netinst CD of 01sept2007.

I waded through the older install documentation around the web that seems geared to earlier machines, have what I think is a satisfactory disk partition (ie MBR), but now I'm hung at boot with Grub giving me a "Hard Disk Error". My reading of this error is that it involves a disk geometry problem.

I've now checked the geometry prior to installing Grub via netinst and sfdisk reports:

Kernel's idea (-g): 28615 64 32
Disk geometry (-G): 3648 255 63

After grub's installed, the "geometry" command:

geometry (hd1)

returns 3648 255 63, but I still get my "Hard Disk Error" on boot.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? I'd be happy to supply more info; I know I've been brief here...

Thanks! Charles Turner


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