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Nvidia 6200TC and ATI RS480/482

 Please has anyone experience or knowledge of
incompatabilities between Nvidia's 6200TC Express X 16
 graphics card and a motherboard based on ATI's RS480
 or RS482 chip ?

 I have read of some people experiencing computer
lockouts when using the above combination. I know of a
system which uses an Express X16 graphics card based
on Nvidia's 6200TC with a motherboard (ECS
RS482-M)which has ATI's RS482 chip. In this case the
 sometimes suddenly goes blank with the message "No
signal detected". A reboot starts things going again.
 The Nvidia driver was updated to the latest x86
 and suddenly it became very difficult to boot the
 system (the stable release of Etch is being used).
 Has anyone had any similar experiences ?


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