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Re: Problems with text file going from Linux to MS Windows

On 21.07.07 10:46, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> If I want to send a text file to an MS Windows user there are problems: in
> fact, in MS Windows a text file which has been composed under Linux is not
> correctly read: the line ends are not recognised.

how do you transfer those files? FTP has ASCII transfer which translates
line ends correctly and mail has also well-defined line ends, so all mail
clients know how to convert.

It can be a problem when you edit the same file on the same disk using
different editors, but meny editors support both line ends...

> The remedy is to cut the text and paste it into an MS Word file, then cut
> it again and re-paste it into the text file, which is not so good because
> this way I need rebooting every time into the Windows partition.

poor and dirty workadound, Whatever but word...
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