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Re: What uses xorg process?

On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 01:21:12AM +0200, Thomas Anderson wrote:
> According to "top", the "xorg" process uses ~25-40% of my AMD 3000+ CPU
> several times a minute for several seconds at a time. I suspect some
> other program uses xorg to execute its code for it.
> How do I find out what process uses the xorg process to do its stuff for it?

Anything that puts anything on the screen gets xorg to do it.  Also,
many apps pre-process images (e.g. the next page of a pdf) and store the
image in xorg's memory.  KDE does this.  Its a royal pain when I want to
use KPF on my Athlon64 (with pleanty of memory) by sshing in from my
P-II with 64 MB.  


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