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Setting [u|f]mask on a bind mount

I tried mounting a directory like so:

  mount --bind -o umask=0117 /home/files /home/glen/files

What I am shooting for, is that all files created in 
/home/glen/files will have the permissions 660. But the above 
command seems to have no effect on permissions of created files.

I have also tried this with no luck:

  mount --bind -o fmask=0117 /home/files /home/glen/files

Then I read the man page:

  Note that the filesystem mount options will remain the same  as  
  those on  the original mount point, and cannot be changed by 
  passing the -o option along with --bind/--rbind.

I take that to mean that I cannot change the umask when mounting 
with --bind.

Any ideas on how to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance!


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