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Re: [OT] revision control: git vs mercurial as replacement for bzr

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> [I don't want to start a flame; just to investigate which application is
> best for my particular purpose. No offence intended to anyone.]

Almost impossible in a public forum.

You might want to look at this reference which compares features.


This is a quite dated now article but still interesting read:


> I am slightly leaning towards mercurial, because it is available for
> potential collaborators with MS's OS. Most of all however, I want the
> tool that is powerful and efficient (both usage, time and space).

I use Git daily and find it to be quite a good performer.  It is very
fast.  For most of the strange corner case behaviors it seems to get
more of them Right(TM) than other systems.  YMMV.


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