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Re: WYSIWYG editor

> Actually WYSIWYG is VERY BAD for web page creation. People can resize their
> windows etc - and then what?  All your WYSIWYG has gone to waste. In
> addition your WYSIWYG is probably not even rendering the same as your
> favorite browsers.
> As annoying as it may be at the start, the best way is probably to edit
> with a text editor and have a browser (or several browsers) rendering the
> file.

Yup. I had a short-lived job once cutting and pasting various entries into 
pre-existing web pages. They insisted upon Dreamweaver. Then the stuff simply 
looked awful or out of place in the browser.

Whatever tool one uses (Nvu is a nice opensource tool!), one MUST test pages, 
their scripts and forms and all, in several browsers. IE, Firefox/Mozilla 
varients, Opera, Dillo, Konqueror, etc. It is surprizing after all the 
development that has gone into these things that no two work the same and no 
one works 100% with the javascript or whatever. Pain in the butt.

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