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Re: Shut down or leave on?

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007 11:28:35 -0400
"Richard Carter" <carter.r.a.l@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Richard,

> But I notice that most backup utilities are designed to backup
> automatically at the same time every day or week.  That seems to
> assume that the system is always running.

Depends when/how the backup is set to run. Often, it's by cron
overnight, but you can alter that to any time you wish.  I the
machine's on and unused between 1pm and 2 pm (lunchtime?), you can do
your backup then.

Personally, I shut down overnight.  I don't see the point of running a
machine I'm unlikely to be using.  Partly because of the noise (it's
close to the bedroom, and I'm a light sleeper), and partly because of
the huge amount of electricity consumed, unnecessarily.  I usually power
up early to mid morning, and leave the machine running until 10 or 11
pm because I have need of it, off and on, during the day.  As you're
aware, power up is the likeliest time of failure, so power cycling too
often is best avoided.  IMO, of course.

Because cron expects a machine to up 24/7, I've installed anacron (from
Debian repositories) to do what needs to be done.

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