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Re: big brother yahoo

On Aug 25, 10:00 am, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi <kamar...@bluebottle.com>
> Richard Lyons wrote:
> > It is amusing -- or not, depending on your viewpoint -- that clicking on a
> > video clip at yahoo.com from a standard etch install is met with a page of
> > error messages, starting:
> >     We have checked your operating system: It does not meet our
> >     minimum requirements
> >     If you are having difficulties, please upgrade or switch your
> >     operating system.
> Which is why I am slowly shifting to google's applications whenever
> possible. Yahoo doesn't seem to give a damn about Linux. Most of google's
> applications work fine in Linux. Some apps like google desktop even come
> in .deb files.

Google definitely seems to be more concerned with what people will be
using tomorrow instead of what most people are using today, to be

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