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Re: http URL filter

> I am looking for a http URL filter for the gateway on my LANs, the
> basic requirement is: If the URL is in the blacklist, deny it and
> reply the user a page with "No, we cannot let you pass".
> squid (transparent proxy) can do this job, but sometimes I do not want
> to configure a transparent proxy on the gateway.

Hello Deephay,

Have a look at SafeSquid ( http://freshmeat.net/projects/safesquid/). It is a content filteing proxy and has a browser based GUI interface. It allows you to give a 'profiled' internet access to users. The SafeSquid Composite Edition is compatible with URL blacklist, and also has a feature 'Customizable Templates', which can be used to display customized html pages for deny events. It also has many advanced features for content filtering.


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