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Re: clamdscan - spcify server?

On 08/24/2007 04:56 AM, koffiejunkie wrote:

$ clamdscan --config-file=/home/kj/clamd.conf file.exe
/home/kj/file.exe: lstat() failed. ERROR


Clamd doesn't have permission to read the file /home/kj/file.exe. Change the permissions on file.exe and try again. Take a look at the permissions on /home/kj too, but don't change them without thinking about the security implications carefully.

If the permissions on /home/kj are preventing clamd from seeing the file, you can create a new clamd.conf file in your home directory that configures clamd to launch differently. You could start this clamd as user 'kj,' and that clamd instance would have access to your files.

Clamdscan would have to be launched with the new config file too.

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