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Re: Renice long-running user processes

David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> writes:

> > > I run a shared system where I'd like to automatically lower the =A0
> > > priority of user processes that consume more than a specified about =A0
> > > of CPU time. =A0I could hack something up with Perl, ps, and nice, but =
> =A0
> > > before I do, does anyone know of a ready-made utility to do this job?
> >
> > Would reniced be of any help?
> Mmmmm! Maybe just what the doctor ordered as setiathome stuff will renice
> itself to a "lower" value and start bogging things down. If this catches it
> saves me the trouble. Is there any timing options here, i.e. how often does
> the daemon check and/or how long to give the runaway before renicing it?

I have never used reniced, but 'and' (Auto Nice Daemon) does allow
quite a bit of flexibility.  You might want to look at both and see
which seems to work best.
Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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